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City Lit catches up with Taru Venalainen to find out more about how she got into Massage.
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City Lit catches up with Taru Venalainen to find out more about how she got into Massage.
Illustration by Dee Shulman
At the start of a new term we thought we’d introduce some of our team who lead on our flagship City Lit Arts courses. These are courses which deliver a more in-depth level of learning for students. ...
Six different images of women including City Lit receptionist, Sonia Brown working on the fourth floor garden; an older student shaking hands with HRH Princess Anne; a women on stage taking part in a play, a women eating sushi and a women presenting in fr
Throughout our history, City Lit has played a significant role in educating female Londoners.
Angela Tulloch, City Lit Sculpture Studio, 2019 (Photo: Dominic Harris)
'The opportunity to do these courses is allowing my soul to sing because I am doing what makes me happy.'
Image of work by Yishai White
"The best thing about studying at City Lit was the diversity of backgrounds among students and tutors, this was reflected in the wide range of interests and personal topics explored in people’s work...
Mary Hurworth cutting cake at a celebration event
Mary Hurworth, an art student at City Lit for over 25 years, left a gift in her will, Mary has made sure that others have the same opportunity to follow new pathways in art with the development of the...
Image of Rory Sheridan
We recently caught up with City Lit speech therapy student Rory Sheridan to talk about Hiatus Collective, the new exhibition and his time at City Lit…
Ilyaas Cader and family
Ilyaas travelled from Sri Lanka, surviving an incredible journey across Europe, to join his brother in London. He went on to study English at City Lit and now works as a Senior Deaf Children’s Menta...
Image of a hand writing text on  paper
Judith Pearson recounts her first experiences of City Lit. Describing a 6am queue to book a creative writing course and a surprise journey into adult education, completing hundreds of writing and dram...