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Three City Lit tutors in line for industry awards

Story added 28th Sep 2017

Three City Lit tutors have had exciting news regarding recent award nominations.

City Lit Voice tutor and voice actor Dian Perry has been nominated in two categories in the Voice Arts awards, which will be held in New York in early November. Dian is in the running to win 'Outstanding National Commercial Campaign - TV or Web, Best Voiceover', as well as 'Outstanding Consumer Sales Video, Best Voiceover'.

Photography tutor Liz Johnson Arthur, has just been shortlisted for the Aimia /AGO Photography Prize in Canada.

Finally, Tim Ellis, one of our tutors for Children’s Book illustration, has just won The Joan Aiken Future Classics Prize which was set up to find a future classic children's book by A.M. Heath agency and the estate of Joan Aiken. 

Congratulations to all three tutors!

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