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Story added 5th Nov 2019

'King of the World' by Raz Barfield, Head of Advanced Programmes for the School of Visual Arts



We are delighted to announce the launch of a new programme area within the School of Visual Arts, Advanced Art and Design.

This exciting new area was launched in September 2019. This was in response to a clear demand from learners in need of a range of courses designed to develop their knowledge and skills to an advanced level.

Many of these new courses will focus on contemporary practices in art and design, media and communications. This will ensure that opportunities are available at advanced level for learning, exploration and creative expression, across both modern and traditional disciplines. This will also include a focus on current and emerging professional and industry practices. 




                                     Group project piece by students on the City Lit Graphic Design course

New courses for January 2020

City Lit advanced print and media

The advanced print and media course explores the creative potential of both traditional print and digital media. It aims to allow printmakers and digital artists to develop inter-disciplinary skills by combining traditional and more contemporary methods. The course will enhance the learners’ understanding of various media and the technical skills required in a range of creative practices. For example, a piece of work that combines photography, drawing, digital imaging and output across a range of forms and materials.


City Lit advanced visual communications 

Our advanced visual communications course is designed to build on learners’ existing skills and interests in the area of graphic design, communications, text and image. This covers both traditional methods and digital media. The course provides a deeper understanding of the concepts and cultural influences on design and media and also the use, context and significance of non-verbal communication in contemporary culture. Work produced may be physical or digital and may involve drawing, printing or animation and will be supported by a clear understanding of the interrelation of various communication media and methods.



These courses are available to book now with start dates in January 2020! Please visit our Advanced practice page for more information.