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What is stopping you from studying interior design?

Story added 17th Jan 2019

Sample board by interior design student, Karen Wilson

You don’t have to win the lottery to have the home of your dreams. Ute Kreyman, tutor on the City Lit Interior design course addresses all the doubts and worries you may have about interior design. 


What if I’m no good at design?

Everyone has a creative side. If you feel you don’t, it’s because you have never had the chance to explore it and therefore you may be lacking confidence. Some of us have good hand/eye coordination and have natural skills at representational drawing. However, this doesn’t necessarily make you a good designer.

What people don’t realise is it’s mainly a question of practice and building the confidence to experiment. If you think you’re good you practice. If you think you have no ability you turn your back on it and don’t allow your creativity to flourish. Design courses are excellent at removing blocks to creativity.


Where can I find the inspiration for designing my home?

Inspiration isn’t something that appears magically. You need to learn how to research and how to recognise design ideas from the wealth of images that surround you. Inspiration comes from books, magazines, images on the internet, social media sites and, of course, other people’s houses. What you need to be clear about is the atmosphere you’re trying to create. Do you want your room to be light and airy or warm and cosy? When you look at colours or images consider how they make you feel and then look at the colours they use and the textures. 

Be inspired by designs anywhere. 


Valerie Russo

Work by interior design student, Valerie Russo


What if money is an issue?

A beautiful space isn’t achieved by money, it’s achieved by making the right design decisions. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to transform a space. It’s mainly a question of choosing the right colours, creating space and positioning light. You don’t need bespoke paints and fabrics. The choice of paints in DIY shops has improved greatly and you can pick up furniture and equipment in sales, charity shops, local freecycle sites and websites such as ebay and gumtree.  

You can even create your own furniture by buying component parts. Second hand furniture can be sanded down and varnished or painted. Often the major transformation, though, is not through buying anything, it’s more through throwing things out that you’ve never liked or particularly needed. Space is precious, don’t waste it.


What if my design looks bad?

Of course you want your room to look good but you don’t want to strive for perfection. Homes are places you live in and where you share a life with other people. Perfection in homes can make them feel impersonal and unwelcoming. A room in your home should have character, and it’s sometimes those imperfections that give it character and make it a relaxing place to be. 

If you’d like to develop your confidence and skills in Interior Design to either transform your home or start a new career, please see our Interior design courses. 

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