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'When I Stutter', Directed by John Gomez

Story added 17th Aug 2018

When I Stutter, Directed by John Gomez


To celebrate International Stammering Awareness Day in October, City Lit Speech Therapy is proud to present the premiere of ‘When I Stutter’, a critically acclaimed film about stammering. Following the screening of the film, there will be a Question and Answer session with the Film’s director and a complimentary drink will be served. 

WHEN I STUTTER is a documentary that reveals the humanity that exists within an often mysterious condition. Over the course of 4.5 years, 19 people shared stories about how stuttering has impacted their lives. These stories run the gamut of human emotion - some are dark, some are funny and others are triumphant. Additionally, there are "educational vignettes" interspersed throughout the documentary that help illuminate some of the mysteries and questions that surround stuttering. A vital storyline in this film follows a young man on his journey through stuttering therapy. The relationship that he forms with his speech therapist and the progress that he makes is truly heartwarming. It demonstrates the wonder and beauty that can occur when one meets the right person at the right stage in life. It is a must for anyone who is interested in learning more about stuttering and the emotional consequences at the core of it all. Written by John Gomez.

This film has won multiple awards, among them ‘Winner of Best Documentary’ at the Lisbon Film Festival, 2017 and ‘Winner of the Audience Award’ at the Awareness Film Fest, 2017.

After each screening there will be a Q&A with the film’s director, John Gomez, live on screen from the USA. This is an opportunity to reflect on the themes of the film and to meet and meet with a range of others with an interest in stammering. Screening time: 1 hour and 30 minutes Q and A and winde reception: Up to 1 hour

Date: Saturday 20th October
Time: Matinee 15:00 or Evening 19:00
Venue: John Lyons Theatre, City Lit, 1-10 Keeley Street
Cost: £10 adult, £5 child* (aged 15-16 years) - includes complimentary drink BOOKINGS >>

*'When I stutter' is suitable for 12 years and older. Adults planning to take a child under 12 to view a 12A film should consider whether the film is suitable for that child.
Please could you also let us know if you have any specific support needs in advance, we appreciate your help in planning. For more information please contact