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World Book Day at City Lit

Story added 2nd Mar 2017

World Book Day at City Lit

Today is World Book Day, so naturally, here at City Lit, we asked some of our reading groups about what they've recently been reading...

Reading groups at City Lit are very popular, with two separate book groups meeting monthly throughout the year and one weekly group which focuses on reading out loud and building confidence.

The Friday Reading Group (HLT06) recently discussed Rose Tremain’s The Gustav Sonata, a novel set in Switzerland post-WW11 which focuses on the on-going friendship between two very different boys.

Though criticisms included that it was ‘too contrived’ and ‘slightly bland’, the book was generally well-received and most people in the group would recommend it. The next book to be discussed is Francis Spufford's Golden Hill.

The alternate Friday Reading Group (HLT14) recently finished Graham Greene’s classic novel, The End of the Affair. There was a lively discussion and debate about religion, love and the nature of friendship and how relevant – or not – the book is in today’s world. The group will be reading Julian Barnes’ new novel, The Noise of Time, in their next session.

Get Together and Read (HLT137) have read and discussed short stories by Doris Lessing, Maupassant and Tobias Wolff, and poetry by Imtiaz Dharkar, Langston Hughes, Seamus Heaney, Siegfried Sassoon and Elizabeth Jennings. This week’s short story is by children's writer, David Almond and there will be poetry by Rupert Brooke.

Course members enjoy the format, stating, 'the reading aloud is making me appreciate the sounds of words, the structure of sentences, the rhythm of a text...' and '...really enjoy the sessions...very accessible...hearing it read aloud brings it alive'.


Here's a flavour of some World Book Day themed courses coming up at City Lit over the next few months...

The Bard to the Brontes: the English language from Renaissance to Victoria

Course Dates: 06/06/17 - 04/07/17
Location: Keeley St, London
Time: 18:00 - 19:30

Taking up the journey with the earliest printed books in England, we consider Shakespeare's English, its standardisation at home and expansion with colonialism throughout the world, and the language of the great Victorian novels.

Lost and found: rediscovering world fiction

Course Dates: 03/05/17 - 12/07/17
Location: Keeley St, London
Time: 12:35 - 14:35

Read outstanding long and short fiction in English and in translation, spanning much of the 20th century, from all over the world. These include 'A Tale Without a Name' by Penelope Delta (Greece), 'Subtly Worded and Other Stories' by Teffi (Russia) , 'Ancient Tillage' by Raduan Nassar (Brazil) and 'The Crow Eaters' by Bapsi Sidhwa (Pakistan).

Submission and rebellion: two Jewish women writers

Course Dates: 10/06/17
Time: 10:30 - 16:30
Location: Keeley Street, London

We will study how women's relationship to the Jewish religion and community is represented in two novels by Jewish women writers a century apart: Amy Levy's 'Reuben Sachs' (1888) and Naomi Alderman's 'Disobedience' (2006).

Play in a day: Cymbeline

Course Dates: 24/06/17
Location: Keeley Street, London
Time: 10:30 - 16:30 

Read or seen the play but want to know more? This course examines the background to Shakespeare's 'Cymbeline', discusses characters, identifies themes, draws parallels with Shakespeare's other plays, looks at language and analyses key scenes. 

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