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As it is Colleges Week, now is the time to shout about learning for life

Since the extent of the global pandemic started to become apparent, it is very clear that adult education will be crucial to post-Covid economic and societal recovery. Phil Chamberlain, Executive Director External Engagement at City Lit, shares his take on the importance of adult education in the post-Covid economic recovery.

Support the Adult Education sector at this challenging time

City Lit supports Chief Executive of the Association of Colleges, David Hughes' letter to the Education Secretary, outlining outstanding issues for colleges dealing with Covid-19.

City Lit part of new research published by the Further Education Trust for Leadership

This new report by the Further Education Trust for Leadership looks in depth at the work of three colleges – including City Lit – and considers how leaders, at all levels, have retained a commitment to social justice in the context of budget cuts, policy churn and rigorous accountability.

City Lit welcomes Nesta report on adult learning

In a time of rapidly changing developments in new technology, there has never been a more important role for adult education, both in the capital and nationwide. This week’s Education for All report by Nesta explores questions such as: How has employment changed over time in the UK, and what are the implications for adult learning?

City Lit shortlisted for an InsideOut Mental Health Award

We are delighted to announce that City Lit has been shortlisted for an InsideOut Mental Health Award for the work we do with our partners at the Mental Wealth Festival.

Adult education and lifelong learning for 21st century Britain

A new report launching today argues that adult education and lifelong learning must be a permanent national necessity, an inseparable aspect of citizenship that is vital to addressing the huge societal divisions and challenges to democracy we currently face.

City Lit supports the British Academy’s Manifesto for the Humanities and Social Sciences

The fundamental purpose of learning is to cultivate our humanity, and the study of the humanities and social sciences lies at the centre of this endeavour. Learning how to be human, developing understanding our selves and each other, is what we are really learning whether we’re debating philosophy, engaging in literary study, or analysing and interpreting art and its history...

How Presidencies End

Mark Malcomson, Principal of City Lit and Tutor of the “US Presidents who made the post-war world” course; shares his thoughts on post-war presidencies as we approach the 2020 election in the UK.

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