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City Lit Ceramics exhibition, April 2020

City Lit Gallery is pleased to present, albeit in virtual form, the work of 12 emerging ceramicists. Derailed slightly by the global virus outbreak of March 2020, the gallery wanted to continue to celebrate the achievements of these learners by sharing images of their final pieces.

How to release stress with aromatherapy

Complementary therapies are a great way to release stress and reconnect with yourself – and aromatherapy is an easy one to try at home. It can reduce anxiety; lift your mood and support a good night of sleep – something that we are currently all craving for during these unsettling times.

City Lit’s history of supporting Londoners through adversity

The national emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has meant drastic changes to all of our lives – making many normal activities very difficult indeed. However, this is not the first national emergency that The City Literary Institute has faced; our one hundred year history has seen our community overcome the very darkest days the country has faced together.

Support the Adult Education sector at this challenging time

City Lit supports Chief Executive of the Association of Colleges, David Hughes' letter to the Education Secretary, outlining outstanding issues for colleges dealing with Covid-19.

Working from home when you’re also home schooling

Many of us are a few days in to two new and strange worlds – working from home full time and home schooling your children. Whilst working from home is an adjustment – it's something which many of us will have had some experience with. Home schooling – not so much; and both together... well, one month ago it was an unthinkable concept. But here we are, so how do we get through this, hopefully enjoy elements of it and maybe learn something along the way?

Q&A with Cris Heaton - 'I used to be a photography student'

Whilst it may not have been possible to visit the exhibition, 'I used to be a photography student' at the City Lit Gallery, during March we can bring still one of the exhibitors to you - Cris Heaton - read about his photojournalism here.

Q&A with City Lit music student Jonathan Sedgwick

We recently caught up with City Lit music student Jonathan Sedgwick to talk about studying music at City Lit and his musical experiences outside the College.

Protecting your mental health during the COVID-19 outbreak

The constant flow of information, warnings and precautions on the coronavirus outbreak can take a real toll on your mental health. So how can we best protect our mental health?

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