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Tips when speaking to someone with hearing loss...

One in six people have some form of hearing loss – here are City Lit’s suggestions for those of us who are talking to others with hearing loss.

Spotlight on: Spanish

Is your goal to start learning a new language by the end of the year? Perhaps you want to be able to speak confidently for your next holiday to Spain?

Spotlight on: Writing for Stage and Screen

Do you ever go and see a movie or play and think, “wow, how did the writers produce a story like this?” Our writing for stage and screen courses, taught by industry professionals, are designed to enable you to progress from a total begi

Spotlight on: British Studies

Are you fascinated by history and past events? Our British Studies courses dig deep into the history, culture and politics of the British Isles.

Spotlight on: Chinese (Mandarin)

Arguably one of the most challenging yet rewarding languages to learn, Chinese is one of the world's most spoken languages, with over 1.2 billion speakers worldwide.

Spotlight on: Poetry

Poetry is a timeless art form and not only do our courses help enhance your appreciation of fine writing, it also enables you to experiment with poetic form and technique and develop your own personal craft.

Audition for 'Blue Stockings' - City Lit Theatre Company

Audition for the City Lit Theatre Company winter production of 'Blue Stockings' by Jessica Swale and Directed by Petina Hapgood

'When I Stutter', Directed by John Gomez

UK premiere of an award-winning film about stammering and Q&A with Director John Gomez

Spotlight on: Pop and Jazz Singing

Do you dream of being a performer? City Lit’s music department utilises expert tutors, piano accompanists and high quality equipment, including vocal PA systems, to enable the very best contemporary singing coaching possible.

Spotlight on: Health

At City Lit, we understand and appreciate the importance of maintaining a good level of health, whether that is physical or mental health.

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