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Artists in Lockdown - Samia Mallek, City Lit Fine Art Year 1

"Although lockdown affected us deeply, it has given me the opportunity to reflect on my work at City Lit and try to implement what we've been learning and experimenting with.I feel more confident than ever and much more sensitive to visual Art."

Artists in Lockdown - Frankie Giuliano, City Lit Fine Art Year 1

"I'm working with drawing a lot more than I ever would have done and that has led to a whole raft of new ideas that I'm exploring. We decided to keep our Zoom open all day on our Saturday classes and it's just nice to hear people tapping away or we sometimes have little chats with each other."

Artists in Lockdown - Sally Kefi, Year of the Figure and Portrait

"Lockdown has focused me to work more consistently on my drawing and painting.I have benefitted enormously because there have been no distractions as well as having to stay at home."

Artists in Lockdown - Claire Parker, City Lit Fine Art Year 1

"At first I was worried about not being in a physical studio space and at first I did feel a bit paralysed. But my work developed into a project about relationships with everyday objects and spaces, and how these relationships become more significant during lockdown."

Artists in Lockdown - Natalie Dee, City Lit Fine Art Year 1

"Lockdown has brought our course closer together definitely. I have also enjoyed the freedom lockdown gave me in doing artwork. When you work alone, you tend to be less critical of your work and more free."

Empathy and its museum in the ESOL classroom

City Lit recently won a grant from the GLA ESOL Plus Arts programme to develop an ESOL project in collaboration with the Empathy Museum and a professional storyteller. Over the next year, two groups of ESOL students will work on their storytelling skills to create digital stories about themselves...

Staying COVID-19 secure at City Lit

We've missed you! Whilst many of our courses remain online we will be reopening for face-to-face learning in September. We've been working hard to create a safe environment for you. We all have a part to play in keeping the College safe, and we'll be asking you to follow a few new rules too.

Celebrations at City Lit as new lipreading teachers qualify online for the first time

City Lit’s trainee lipreading teachers celebrated in virtual party style on the final day of their course as they became the first ever lipreading teachers to qualify online.

Piano Repertoire Performance

Our Piano Repertoire students, coached by Petros Moschos, were due to perform at The Foundling Museum this month so instead they and The Foundling Museum have put together this fantastic video to share their performances with you.

City Lit welcomes speech from Rt. Hon. Gavin Williamson MP, Secretary of State for Education

In a virtual speech hosted today by the Social Market Foundation, Mr Gavin Williamson MP, Secretary of State for Education, is calling time on the idea that higher education is somehow better than further education and will tear up the target to send 50% of young people to university.

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