ESOL: finding a better job (entry 3 - level 1)

Course Dates: 17/05/21 - 21/06/21
Time: 16:00 - 18:00
Location: Online
Are you looking for a better job? This course will help improve your English for doing well in interviews, writing successful CVs, and making good job applications. You will also learn where to look to find new work.You will receive some free career advice, guidance and information to help you make progress in your current company or find a new type of work.
Before this course, you need to do a pre-course assessment. Contact / 020 7492 2511 or click the Start Assessment button on this page. Log on with your email address (not name). Use Chrome if possible.
This course is FREE if a) you are on a Low Wage or b) you are either on Jobseekers' Allowance (JSA) or Employment & Support Allowance(ESA) or c) you receive other state benefits (including Universal Credit) and your monthly take home pay is less than £343. For more information click here
This course will be delivered online. See the ‘What is the course about?’ section in course details for more information.
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Course Code: ESFW02

Mon, day, 17 May - 21 Jun '21

Duration: 5 sessions (over 6 weeks)

Before booking on this course, please register or log in to your account to complete a short online assessment. We need you to do this to check that this course is the right level for you.
Why do I need an advice session?

Please note: We offer a wide variety of financial support to make courses affordable. Just visit our online Help Center for more information on a range of topics including fees, online learning and FAQs.

What is the course about?

This course will help you find a better job either in your current type of work or in a different type of job completely. We will help you improve your English so you can do well in interviews. You will learn how to answer common interview questions and speak so your interviewer can understand you. You will learn how to write a good CV, make job applications and complete personal statements. In addition, throughout the course, you will receive career advice and support from City Lit’s expert advisers.

This is a live online course. You will need:
- Internet connection. The classes work best with Chrome.
- A computer with microphone and camera is best (e.g. a PC/laptop/iMac/MacBook), or a tablet/iPad/smart phone/iPhone if you don't have a computer.
- Earphones/headphones/speakers.
We will contact you with joining instructions before your course starts.

What will we cover?

• how to find a better job either in your current type of work or in a different type of job
• where to look for work including on-line
• the English needed to do well in interviews – answering questions accurately
• good pronunciation including how to stress syllables
• how to write an impressive CV
• how to complete a job application in accurate English, which makes the most of your skills
• how to write a personal statement
• receiving career’s advice and support from City Lit’s expert advisers.

What will I achieve?
By the end of this course you should be able to...

• feel more confident in looking for and finding better work
• use on-line and other sources to find work e.g. agencies
• answer interview questions confidently and accurately
• anticipate likely questions for different jobs
• use stress more effectively to make your meaning clearer
• write an impressive CV and upload it to LinkedIn
• complete a job application in accurate English, which makes the most of your skills
• write a personal statement accurately.

What level is the course and do I need any particular skills?

This is for students at Entry 3-Level 1 i.e. pre-intermediate to intermediate level (B1-B2). It is ideal for anyone who can communicate in basic everyday situations and wants to improve their job prospects. You should have basic digital skills e.g. use the internet, emails, and some simple word processing. You need to do a pre-course assessment.

How will I be taught, and will there be any work outside the class?

You will learn in a supportive and welcoming environment. It will be a dynamic and interactive course with lots of practice including role play and interview practice. You will work in pairs, groups and as whole class. The tutor will also work with you individually. You will need to do some homework every week and use Google Classroom outside the class.

Are there any other costs? Is there anything I need to bring?

There are no additional costs but you should bring a pen, paper and folder to class.

When I've finished, what course can I do next?

TThere are many courses you could do next or at the same time as this course. You could join a Entry 3 or Level 1 course with an exam. You can also do a number of courses without an exam. These courses include:
ESOL communicating at work: customer care (entry 3-level 1)
ESOL and singing: sing your way to better English (entry 3-level 2)
Office Skills for ESOL students (entry 3-level 1)

Grammar in Practice: Intermediate (entry 3-level 1)
ESOL: Improve your fluency (entry 3-level 1)
ESOL: Develop your listening skills (level 1)

Your tutor will advise you on the best course.

We’re sorry. We don’t have a bio ready for the tutor of this class at the moment, but we’re working on it! Watch this space.