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Chris - Artwork makes me happy

Chris has been studying on the Art workshop (for people with learning disabilities) course at City Lit.

Chris Harman City Lit StudentChris Harman City Lit Student

Chris Harman

He says of his experiences on the course:

"I come here to do artwork at City Lit, get ideas into my head. I’m always on time, drawing and painting, I like being in exhibitions, and people say nice things about my artwork; it makes me happy. Sometimes they get sold and people buy my artwork. I get up in the morning and I come here on my own, I am an independent traveller from near Limehouse. I catch two trains to City Lit. I change at Mile End on to the Central Line which gets me to Holborn. It’s an interesting place, I can meet other people who like art, because it’s a good college, the best college. It makes me feel good inside and proud about coming to college. I want to keep doing my artwork and sell it."

An example of Chris' work - The Great Fire of London

The Great Fire of London by Chris HarmanThe Great Fire of London by Chris Harman