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Christine: I took a 'start your own business' course and it really paid off

Christine City Lit StudentChristine City Lit Student

Christine had worked for herself for years restoring antiques with gold leaf, but had to admit that her business wasn’t working for her. “I had great clients, they loved me, they loved my work but I wasn’t making good money. 

“The course was, for me at least, an intense lesson in how not to run a business. And I’d been making some pretty classic mistakes: undercharging, not valuing my time properly and turning clients into friends.

“Developing detachment helped me be much more objective about what my strengths were, and I already had lots. I saw how great I was with clients and how easy marketing was for me, I saw how skilled I was as an artist. When you work for yourself for years nobody ever says “well done” and I got so much encouragement from my tutor. That was wonderful.

“I loved the course. It gave me new insights about what I needed to change, and confidence in what I was doing right, and has helped me enormously.”

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