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Christopher - I like to try new things to inspire me

Christopher Catto studies on the Art workshop course for students with learning disabilities at City Lit as well as 'Ways of seeing', a course that examines how the news media and advertisting techniques influence our thoughts and emotions.

Christopher Catto

"My mum mentioned City Lit to me, I came last year just to do art. I was at CONEL doing qualifications on progression to mainstream and at the Harrington Scheme. I find it’s interesting at City Lit, I like the art teacher because he is very nice to me, even when I first came to the interview he was the first person I met at City Lit. I do like coming here and I like art a lot.

"When I have my free time I draw all the time. I started when I was at the residential school which was for people with Aspergers and autism like me and later at home. That’s when I found out I wanted to be an artist, it’s my dream job. For a money job I was thinking of working in an art shop  but I haven’t managed to do that yet. I am building a portfolio at City Lit of my art and try new things to get some  inspiration. I get that at City Lit, I like the group, I like this class it’s really friendly. I am also doing Ways of Seeing, it helps me to think what’s going on in the world. I would like it if City Lit could help me sell my work so I can make money and put it into my bank account."

'Ozzy' by Christopher Catto

Ozzy by Christopher Catto