City Lit animation: part 2

Course Dates: 18/01/22 - 22/03/22
Time: 10:00 - 17:00
Location: KS - Keeley Street
Passionate about animation? Fancy developing professional skills in traditional and digital animation techniques, taught by professional animators in our fully-equipped studio?
In this Part 2 of a 3 Parts course, you will learn how to create exciting and effective animations using different drawn animation techniques, and how to create digital experimental and traditional drawn animation using the professional software Adobe Animate CC.
You will also develop and storyboard your animation project in preparation for your final project in Part 3.
This course takes place in the classroom, please follow this link to find out what we are doing to keep you safe: Staying COVID-19 secure at City Lit
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Course Code: VK102

Tue, day, 18 Jan - 22 Mar '22

Duration: 10 sessions (over 10 weeks)

Or call to enrol:020 7831 7831

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What is the course about?

Creating exciting and engaging animation projects require you to be able to work with, and understand the potential of a range of digital and stop motion animation processes
The 3 Parts course is designed to enable you to develop and build on the skills you need to be able to do this confidently and effectively.

Part 2 consists of 3 modules:
* Module 3: Drawn animation: Express yourself
* Module 4: Digital drawn animation using Adobe Animate
* Module 5: Planning and storyboarding

You have the option to enrol on any of the course 3 stages. However, it is strongly recommended to complete all 3 parts over the year, and you will end up with impressive work for your showreel that could prove invaluable for gaining commissions, festival entries or for gaining a place on a more advanced course.

What will we cover?

Module 3:
• Apply the principles of animation
• The use of drawn animation in professional animation practice.
• Observe and draw sequential movement
• Create a drawn animation sequence morphing from one image to another
• Expressive drawing using different techniques
• Use stop motion applications to capture stop motion sequences.
• Exporting sequences as short animated movies.

Module 4:
• Apply the principles of animation
• The use of Adobe Animate CC in professional animation practice.
• Use the drawing and paint tools
• Understand how to rotoscope
• Create different keyframe animations
• Understand and use different types of tweening
• Understand and use different types of still and animated symbols
• Apply motion to paths and orient to paths
• Parent layers for connected movement
• Use cameras and layer depth
• Import and apply sound files
• Export animations as movies or as animated sequences for compositing in After Effects or Premiere Pro

Module 5: Preparation for your final project:
• The use of storyboards and animatics in professional animation practice.
• Understand and apply narrative structure
• Understand how shot types, camera movement and camera angles convey meaning
• Describing shots and action in storyboards and animatics
• Create an effective storyboard and/or an animatic.

What will I achieve?
By the end of this course you should be able to...

In Module 3, you will learn how to create exciting and effective animations using different drawn animation techniques equally suited to those experienced and inexperienced in drawing.

In Module 4, you will learn how to create digital experimental and traditional drawn animation using the professional software Adobe Animate CC. As well as learning how to use the tools and techniques, you will be encouraged to create a series of short innovative animated sequences to develop your skills and use in your showreel.

In Module 5, you will learn how to prepare your own animation project You’ll develop skills in scripting and storyboarding your project for maximum effect. You’ll learn about narrative structure, shot types, camera movements and angles and understand how they enhance meaning and are crucial in the development of your project.

By the end of the course you should be able to:
- Create digital animation sequences using the applications Adobe Animate CC
- Apply experimental approaches to a range of traditional and digital animation techniques
- Understand how to create an effective storyboard of your own animation project.

What level is the course and do I need any particular skills?

Part 2 is suitable both for beginners and newcomers to the course and to those who have completed Part 1. It's also equally suited to those experienced and inexperienced in drawing.
You should have a basic knowledge of and competence in using computers, including creating, saving and retrieving files.
You'll need to be able to follow simple written and verbal instructions, demonstrations, hand-outs and health and safety information, and will be invited to take part in group discussion. You should be happy using numbers and able to do simple measurements and calculations.

How will I be taught, and will there be any work outside the class?

Both modules will be taught in class

You will be taught through workshops, short lectures, handouts, practical exercises, individual guidance and assistance, group presentations and critiques. The course puts equal emphasis on skills and ideas-based thinking.
As you will be required to practise your skills and prepare and develop your projects outside the class you will need to gain access to computers.

It is an intensive course requiring you to demonstrate a high level of commitment throughout. You'll need good time management skills and be able to work independently in conducting research, practising skills, and developing projects outside the course.

Are there any other costs? Is there anything I need to bring?

The classes will be held in our fully equipped studio at City Lit, DSLR cameras and the latest professional equipment are available for you to use.
It is recommended that you bring your own external hard drive (formatted for use on Mac computers) if you want to keep and develop work done in the class.
Student preparation and practice outside class times is strongly encouraged. Should you wish to practice outside class time you will need to have access to your own Adobe® Creative Cloud licence for Animate CC and Premiere Pro.

When I've finished, what course can I do next?

City Lit Animation Part 2 is intended as preparation for progression onto the final stage of this 3 parts course: City Lit Animation: part 3 - VK103: 20/04/2021 - 04/05/2021
Guidance on progression beyond Part 2 will be provided on the course.

Litza Jansz

Litza has a background in animating titles and animated graphics for Documentaries working on award winning productions as an independent animator/director for Channel 4 and the BBC. Over the years her practice has moved from 35mm and 16mm film making to working digitally using a range of digital and traditional approaches, techniques and software in her work. Litza now focuses on commissioned participatory animation projects working with community groups and her own experimental animation practice. Her animated films with Prisoners and young offenders were screened at the Tate Modern and the ICA and her films are regularly shown at animation and film festivals. Her animation work is part of her developing fine art practice which also incorporates mixed media art work. As well as producing animations, Litza has published 3 graphic novels and an illustrated children’s book and has contributed cartoons and illustrations for a range of book and magazine publications. Teaching animation, Film making, illustration and cartooning has always been an integral part of her practice.

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