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Our politics and current affairs courses will help you understand the changing world around us: 

- Want to get to grips with the issues dominating today’s headlines or develop your understanding of different political systems?

- Keen to discuss fake news and propaganda or eager to use key concepts to analyse politics?  

- Eager to make sense of politics in the US, the EU, the emerging BRICS powers (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa)? Want to learn more about global issues such as conflict and migration? 

Our politics and current affairs courses, whether short or long, in the classroom or online, offer something for everyone. 

If interested in our advanced politics course, please contact politics coordinator Martin Jorgensen at Martin.jorgensen@citylit.ac.uk


Courses available both in-person and online

We offer a range of long and short courses allowing you to choose between online and in-person learning. All our courses are live, interactive, and taught by expert tutors. No matter how you prefer to learn, we've got the class for you. See our guide to online learning for more information about accessing our live online courses.


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  1. Ideals, principles and myths: making sense of political ideology
    Course start date:  Mon 29 Jan 2024

    Location on this date:  Keeley Street

    Tutors:  Christian Schnee
    Want to make sense of ideology in what is a confusing – or at times even bewildering-- arena of political discourse? If so, this course with Dr Christian Schneeis the right course for you.
    Full fee £179.00
  2. Why do we obey? The politics of obedience
    Course start date:  Tue 16 Apr 2024

    Location on this date:  Keeley Street

    Tutors:  Christian Michel
    We groan against bosses, berate politicians, demonstrate against most aspects of the social system, and then humbly take our orders from above. Is obedience imprinted in our genes? How submissive must people be for society to function? In this short course we will discuss the politics of obedience – drawing on psychology, anthropology, history, and political philosophy.
    Full fee £199.00 Senior fee £199.00 Concession £129.00
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