NLP: Building rapport and connecting to others

Course Dates: 15/05/21
Time: 10:30 - 16:30
Location: Online
Sharpening recognition of your own and others peoples’ sensory landscapes will strengthen your ability to communicate more fully. Recognise how some people view the world in colour, others see only in black and white outlines. Some people visualise in grainy images, and others see nothing at all! (called Aphantasia).
This course will be delivered online. See the ‘What is the course about?’ section in course details for more information.
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Course Code: PG725

Sat, day, 15 May - 15 May '21

Duration: 1 session

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What is the course about?

Successful interactions with other people depend largely on our ability to establish and maintain rapport with them. Understanding other people’s eye cues, voice, and tone and language preferences makes any form of communication easier. You are more likely to buy from, agree with, or support someone you can relate to, who sees the world in a similar fashion to your own. NLP rapport is the ability to visualise other peoples’ maps of how they are ‘viewing’ the world.

This is a live online course. You will need:
- Internet connection. The classes work best with Chrome.
- A computer with microphone and camera is best (e.g. a PC/laptop/iMac/MacBook), or a tablet/iPad/smart phone/iPhone if you don't have a computer.
- Earphones/headphones/speakers.
We will contact you with joining instructions before your course starts.

What will we cover?

• Understand how differently others are viewing the world – using the NLP eye cues
• Hidden messages people express through voice, tone, and language
• Noticing when you are in and out of rapport with others and mirroring body language
• Practicing viewing, listening and mirroring others sensory language in order to build stronger rapport with others.

What will I achieve?
By the end of this course you should be able to...

• Recognise people’s primary sensory imagery, is it visual, auditory or kinaesthetic?
• Recognise peoples language patterns and how they relate to what they ‘see’.
• Build some strategies for noticing and communicating more fully with others.

Are there any other costs? Is there anything I need to bring?

There will be no additional costs. The course fee will cover a number of handouts produced by the tutor.

Frances Coombes

I discovered NLP in the 1980's, as a freelance journalist specialising in writing work-based features for the London Evening Standard, ‘Just the Job’ section on employment, motivational training, business and sales. I trained as an NLP Master Practitioner, first in Education then in Business and ran motivational NLP trainings in workplaces such as NHS and charities, and offered individual NLP coaching to business people At City Lit each NLP course I teach is slanted towards different aspects of NLP i.e. ‘’Building Rapport Skills’. ‘Self-Motivation’. ‘Understanding Thinking Styles’. I have integrated NLP and psychotherapy to run courses on ‘Managing Internal Stress – Introduction to CBT/REBT (Rational emotive Behavioural Therapy’ an action-based psychotherapy and ‘Logosynthesis’ to help lessen the impact of unwanted traumatic thoughts and images. I have written five NLP based books, including ‘Motivate Yourself and Reach Your Goals’ in the Hodder Education, ‘Teach Yourself’ series. To read my NLP articles go to

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