Professional Skills For Actors Courses & Classes in London

Do you want to prepare for auditions, successfully pull off accents or become a proficient sightreader? Our professional skills courses enable you to learn essential acting techniques in order to improve your audition success and take on exciting new roles.
  1. Audition ready

    Course Date: Wed 26 Feb 2020 (and 1 other date)
    Location on this date: KS - Keeley Street
    Learn how an audition panel sees you in order to maximise your chances of success. You will work on your audition repertoire to build a solid base of classical and contemporary audition pieces.
    Full fee: £159.00
    Senior fee: £159.00
    Concession: £97.00

  2. Alexander technique for performers

    Course Date: Mon 20 Apr 2020 (and 2 other dates)
    Location on this date: KS - Keeley Street
    Discover the Alexander Technique as a tool to improve freedom of movement, breath and speech during performance. In this course you will learn to release habitual tension and develop kinaesthetic awareness using AT embodied mindfulness. You will explore how to gain spontaneity, presence and physical expression of characters through movement.
    Full fee: £119.00
    Senior fee: £95.00
    Concession: £73.00

  3. Core energetics for actors

    Course Date: Wed 22 Apr 2020
    Location on this date: KS - Keeley Street
    Core Energetics is a body-mind practice designed to enhance your self-awareness,'aliveness', creativity and focus. As an artist or performer, your voice and body are your instrument. "CORE" is a means to opening up physically, helping you to become aware of your energy flow and how to come fully into this energy. Based in modern psychology, science and spiritual principles, CORE has been designed to create whole-body-mind awareness and is a fun way to explore how to expand your range as an artist. You can expect a creative, immersive experience that will deepen inner growth, creating consciousness about yourself, and the way you relate to others.
    Full fee: £109.00
    Senior fee: £87.00
    Concession: £66.00

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