Stammering Therapy for Adults

Group therapy classes to help you manage your stammer.

Our approach

Our stammering therapy clients enrol as students who engage in a process of learning. We believe that this encourages an active approach to change which is essential to successful stammering therapy. Also, working in education means that we are able to offer group work, and for most people who stammer we see this as a positive choice.

By the end of your course our aims are for you to:

  • use strategies to manage your stammering more easily
  • reduce the tension that accompanies stuttering
  • have a clear understanding of stammering and its causes
  • have identified your own particular pattern of stammering
  • have identified and worked on reducing unhelpful thoughts, feelings and avoidance strategies
  • say what you want
  • speak up in situations you may previously have avoided
  • feel more comfortable in yourself and your speech
  • be a more confident and assertive communicator

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  1. The City Lit 7-day intensive course for adults who stammer
    Course start date:  Mon 10 Jul 2023

    Location on this date:  Keeley Street

    Tutors:  Cathinka Guldberg, Jan Logan, Jenny Yeatman
    Learn strategies to help you speak more easily, work on becoming less sensitive about stammering (also known as stuttering), reduce avoidance strategies and be introduced to ways of managing difficult thoughts and feelings. This intensive course will enable you to make maximum progress in minimum time. It runs for five days Monday to Friday, then two follow-up days on September 11-12.
    Full fee £249.00 Senior fee £174.00 Concession £50.00
    90% of 100

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