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  1. Great composers: Ferruccio Busoni
    Course start date:  Tue 6 Aug 2024

    Location on this date:  Keeley Street

    Tutors:  Karl Lutchmayer
    Explore the music and ideas of Ferruccio Busoni (1866-1924). Learn about his journey from Romantic pianist to Modernist composer and aesthetician, and how his music fits in with other early-20th century composers such as Schoenberg, Bartók and Stravinsky. Listen to some live performances of his most important piano works.
    Full fee £59.00 Senior fee £59.00 Concession £59.00
  2. Gentle Yoga
    Course start date:  Mon 23 Sep 2024 (and 7 other dates)

    Location on this date:  Keeley Street

    Tutors:  Eleanor Shearn
    Stretch, relax and feel good! This course is suitable for those who wish to enjoy the benefits of yoga at a gentle pace. Alternatives are offered if a student finds any particular postures (asanas) uncomfortable.
    Full fee £169.00 Senior fee £135.00 Concession £118.00
  3. Great composers: Arnold Schoenberg
    Course start date:  Tue 3 Dec 2024

    Location on this date:  Keeley Street

    Tutors:  Trish Shaw
    Arnold Schoenberg was born in 1874, and his career spanned the period from high Romanticism through Modernism to the post-1945 avante garde. Come and learn how this fascinating and eclectic composer was part of, and a huge influence on, Western classical music during his lifetime and beyond, and learn to appreciate his music for its own sake.
    Full fee £59.00 Senior fee £59.00 Concession £59.00
  4. Masters of cinema: Christopher Nolan
    Course start date:  Tue 1 Apr 2025

    Location on this date:  Keeley Street

    Tutors:  Paul Sutton
    Christopher Nolan is that rare thing: a director working in Hollywood who makes cerebral big budget blockbusters. You will doubtless know him for Oppenheimer (2023), Tenet (2020), Dunkirk (2017), Interstellar (2014), Inception (2010), Batman Begins (2005), and Memento (2000). But it wasn’t always thus. There was a time when Nolan was a UK-based filmmaker and scriptwriter producing rather different cinematic fare. Join us as we chart Nolan’s journey to the Hollywood big time. We will explore his key films and consider the aesthetic and intellectual legacy of his oeuvre.
    Full fee £69.00 Senior fee £55.00 Concession £45.00
  5. Music in the 21st century: the first 25 years
    Course start date:  Tue 29 Apr 2025

    Location on this date:  Keeley Street

    Tutors:  Edward Henderson
    We are now 25 years into the 21st century. This course is a guide to concert music and new composition of the century so far.
    Full fee £99.00 Senior fee £99.00 Concession £99.00
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