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Excited by new technology, scientific breakthroughs or business success? Want to improve your digital skills for the workplace or personal use? Or perhaps you'd like to delve deeper into nature, conservation or astronomy?

We have a huge range of courses to support you in your learning in programming and coding, help you understand new developments in technology with AI, machine learning, data analysis with Python and statistics, give you the tools to succeed in business and digital marketing, or enable you to explore more of the world around you with our science and nature courses.

Our tutors are highly qualified industry professionals, and will help you reach your personal goals whether you are a complete beginner or are building on existing experience.

Learning with us is flexible, with part-time courses available online in daytime, evening and weekend formats. For more information about our tutor-led interactive online courses please see our guide to online learning.

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  1. Introduction to programming
    ONLINE, Weekend
    Course start date:  Sun 27 Nov 2022 (and 1 other date)

    Location on this date:  Online

    Tutors:  Mohamad Marouni
    This is a beginner's course designed for anyone who wants to dip their toes into the exciting world of programming and see what all the fuss is about. Perfect if you want to make your first step in learning any of the programming languages at City Lit.

    This course will be delivered online. See the ‘What is the course about?’ section in course details for more information.
    Full fee £89.00 Senior fee £71.00 Concession £58.00
    97% of 100
  2. Trees in winter
    Course start date:  Sun 9 Oct 2022

    Location on this date:  Off Site

    Tutors:  Letta Jones
    Do you want to get to know some of the fabulous trees in Regent’s Park? These two guided Tree Walks in Regent’s Park are ideal for the tree enthusiast with an introduction to this absorbing activity.
    Full fee £59.00 Senior fee £47.00 Concession £38.00
  3. The physics of time
    Course start date:  Sun 20 Nov 2022 (and 1 other date)

    Location on this date:  Keeley Street (other locations are available)

    Tutors:  Radmila Topalovic
    We'll explore the concept of time in everyday life, using the theories of special and general relativity, and also investigate its nature in the quantum world zooming out to the large scale Universe.
    Full fee £59.00 Senior fee £47.00 Concession £38.00
    98% of 100
  4. Becoming confident on PowerPoint 365 (beginner)
    Course start date:  Sun 7 May 2023 (and 1 other date)

    Location on this date:  Keeley Street

    Do you want to learn how to create presentations? Are you completely new to PowerPoint? Can you use some PowerPoint features but want to expand your skills? On this course you will learn the essential elements of how to create an effective and appealing presentation from creating slides and slideshows from scratch, to using templates, to appropriate use of images and text. You will focus not only on the specific functions of PowerPoint but also what makes a presentation successful.

    This course is FREE if a) you are on a Low Wage or b) you are either on Jobseekers' Allowance (JSA) or Employment & Support Allowance(ESA) or c) you want to get a job or progress into a better job and you receive other state benefits (including Universal Credit). For more information click here
    Full fee £59.00 Senior fee £47.00 Concession £30.00

4 Items

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