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The Deaf Access and Interpreting team

Specialist Support Professionals

Our tutors give you support with college work, language and study skills. They will also work with you to make sure you get the most from the support service and from your college. All of our support tutors sign and have all completed a BSL level 3 course. They all have a teaching qualification and experience of working with deaf students.

Communication support workers

Our CSWs all have a minimum of BSL Level 3. Many CSWs have level 6 BSL and may also have a deaf-related qualification, interpreter training, a teaching qualification or a degree.


Specialist Notetakers

Our notetakers will all have at least one higher education qualification and notetaking experience. Many of our notetakers also have a level 3 Notetaking qualification. We can provide handwritten (manual) notes or electronic notetaking using a laptop.

BSL Interpreters

Many of our CSWs working in education have had additional interpreter training and have met the Trainee Sign Language Interpreter standards, enabling them to join the register of TSLIs approved by NRCPD (National Registers for Communication Professionals working with deaf and deafblind people).

All of our fully qualified BSL interpreters are registered as RSLIs (Registered Sign Language Interpreters) with NRCPD and undertake regular continuing professional development.

We only use NRCPD-regulated interpreters (RSLI or TSLI) for business / work-related or community interpreting assignments.


Information for disability advisors or assessors

Business Interpreting