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Drama audition tips

Preparing for an upcoming audition? Want to ensure you're approaching auditions in the right way? Check out the advice below from our Head of Drama, Dance and Speech.


Auditioning is an art in itself! The key to a successful audition is to be yourself and to come in ready to show the best of who you are as a performer. Follow the following simple tips to ensure you rock your next audition...

• Don’t be on-time - always be early.

• Smile and be friendly, even if you’ve been kept waiting.

• Display confidence not arrogance.

• Make eye contact.

• Switch your mobile off.

• Remember names if you are introduced.

• Don’t address speeches direct to the panel.

• Don’t lie about anything - especially on your CV.

• Be focused and ready to begin, even if you are seen early or late.

• Know your lines inside and out.

• If you dry, ask to start again. Take a moment before you do.

• Accept it if they say they have heard enough- it’s not necessarily bad news.