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Mental Wealth

At City Lit, we’ve long recognised our impact on our students' mental wealth and the part we play in improving their wellbeing – we know students choose our courses for many reasons, in addition to the great education they receive: to meet people, reduce isolation, build confidence and self-esteem as well for fun and for new experiences - it all contributes to better mental wealth. It’s hugely positive that people are now more prepared to discuss mental health openly, whether it’s actors, MPs or CEOs, and we are delighted that the Festival contributes to widening that discussion.

Date: 10-14 October

Location: City Lit, London


Free or low-fee events, including in person and online workshops, talks, discussions, exhibitions, and other activities.


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Celebrating mental wealth

We dedicate a week each year to our Mental Wealth Festival. The Festival provides a forum for informative, challenging and inspiring discussions and workshops. 

Baroness Hollins, who was the inspiration for the Festival half a decade ago, hit upon a great idea that that mental wealth, like wealth in general, can change throughout your life.  Sometimes our mental wealth is poor or in deficit and other times it is in abundance. 

At the Mental Wealth Festival, our students and guests will have the chance to hear keynote speakers including Ruby Wax, Grayson Perry and Antony Gormley reflect on their own wellbeing experiences. They will also be sharing their own insights on building mental resilience and tips for maintaining good mental health.

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Message of Support by The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan

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In conversation with Grayson Perry at The National Gallery

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In conversation with Antony Gormley at The British Museum

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