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Family learning

For parents with limited language and numeracy skills, the chance to take a course in the familiar surroundings of their child’s school can lead to an incredible boost in confidence. For many it’s the first step into lifelong learning or even a new career. 

“Going back to learning has made a big difference to my whole family. My friends want to be like me. They see what I can do.” Khaleda 

“Do it. Go for it. Remember, it’s not scary and they don’t bite!” Louise 

City Lit is subcontracted by Camden to delivery Family Learning across the borough. Childcare support is provided, and varied, inclusive courses are offered across a range of areas:

Family Literacy, Language and Numeracy:

Courses include: Talk and Play Together; Family Literacy and Family Numeracy. Courses are run in children’s centres, schools, libraries and community centres. These courses offer parents/carers and children an opportunity to learn together.

Wider Family Learning:

Family Learning Fun Days take place twice a year at Coram’s Fields Community Playspace, and are themed. This year the themes have been ‘Food Glorious Food’ and ‘Once Upon a Time’. International Women’s Day and World Book Day events take place in the Spring at Richard Cobden Learning Centre.

Childcare Courses

City Lit (funded by Camden ACL) offer an ‘Introduction to Working with Young Children’ qualification at Level 1 and a ‘Certificate in Crèchework’ qualification at Level 2. These courses are run in community venues.

‘Choices Open Day’ information events:

These events are offered twice yearly by City Lit and Camden Family Learning, in partnership with Camden colleges, community groups and training providers. The aim is to offer residents information about courses and services in the local area.

Celebrating Learning

Learning and achieving is recognised and celebrated. During Adult Learners’ Week in May each year, learners are nominated for awards for outstanding achievement.

For more information contact

Samantha Lelong, Samantha.Lelong@citylit.ac.uk
Louise Severyn-Kosinska, Louise.Severyn-Kosinska@citylit.ac.uk

Telephone: 020 7492 2521 or 020 7492 2520