Fire evacuation


1   At the start of the course remind your students of the evacuation route and procedures

2   Close windows and doors and switch off electrical equipment if it does not delay you, but do not lock classrooms

3   Shut down any hazardous processes if it does not delay you

4   Do not stop to collect your belongings and instruct students to do the same

5   Collect the room sign and lead your class to the assembly point

6   If you have mobility issues yourself, nominate a student to lead the class to the evacuation point and follow the procedures for staff/visitors with mobility issues

7   If one of your students has mobility issues, refer them to the procedures for staff/visitors with mobility issues – all lounges are designed for a 1-hour fire protection; a volunteer may wait with them

8   If you know of any students missing and / or at a refuge point in one of the lounges, inform the incident controller (s/he will usually be by the front door) or instruct a student to do so

9   Inform the incident controller of any hazardous substances which might be open in your class room or any equipment not switched off!

10  At the assembly point, hold up the room sign for students to see

11  Stay there with your class until told that it is safe to return to the building or given other instructions

12  Follow the instruction of any manager