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Julie: The courses give me something to look forward to and help me in my recovery

Find out how City Lit courses were able to help Julie as she battled against a serious illness. Julie has studied a wide range of subject matter at City Lit, from languages to pottery to meditation and mindfulness.

‘I think the impact of City Lit has been quite big for me. I started coming to City Lit probably around ten years ago. I’ve met friends on courses that I did years ago, that I am still friends with today.’

‘I am not necessarily able to get out that much during the day when I am not feeling very well. But the courses that I am doing during the week give me something to look forward to. I think they do help me in my recovery as well.’

‘There are a number of reasons I choose City Lit over other colleges. Yes, the variety of courses are good but also the facilities, the central location, and the price, because it’s often cheaper than other places.’

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