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Learning and teaching class visits

Class Visits 2020-21

In 2021 we are hoping to visit as many online classes as we can so we can support the development of online learning at City Lit. Visits will normally be carried out by a colleague in your department. They will not be graded. There will be two types:

1 Drop ins

Class visits for most tutors will consist of a short ‘drop in’ (10 – 15 ins) to your online class.

Guidance for tutors on learning drop ins 2021 (pdf)

2 Full Class Visits

For some tutors, you will receive a full class visit (45mins – 1 hour). The most common reason for this will be that you are on probation.

Guidance and forms are below:

Tutor Guidance and forms

1 Guidance for TUTORS - full class visits 19_20 (pdf)

2 Pre visit questionnaire (Word)

3 Group Profile and Initial Assessment 2021 (Word)

4 Criteria for effective lessons at City Lit (pdf)

Forms for Visitors

Full Class Visit Form_ Probation_2020-21 (Word)

Full Class Visit Form_Established tutors_ 2020-21 (Word)

Information and procedures for tutors in need of support.

Procedures for teachers in need of support final 20-21 (Word)

Tutor Performance Management_flowchart (pdf)