Level 3 Certificate in Meditation Teaching

Course Dates: 15/01/22 - 25/06/22
Time: 10:00 - 16:00
Location: KWC - Kean Street Wellbeing Centre
Confidently develop your own voice as a meditation teacher. This course is suitable for any professionals, i.e. yoga teachers, coaches, counsellors, teachers, managers, health professionals, etc. who would like to teach mediation as a part of their practice. Also – for anyone who wants to deepen their mediation practice and develop the skills, understanding and experience.
This course takes place in the classroom, please follow this link to find out what we are doing to keep you safe: Staying COVID-19 secure at City Lit
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Course Code: FBA48

Sat, day, 15 Jan - 25 Jun '22

Duration: 20 sessions (over 24 weeks)

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What is the course about?

This is an Ascentis accredited Level 3 course.
Covering a range of meditation traditions and approaches, this intensive course will give you the tools to develop as a meditation teacher. It is ideal for yoga teachers looking to add or deepen their ability to bring meditation into their regular classes; or experienced meditation practitioners and coaches or counsellors wishing to share standalone meditation practices with others in an individual or group setting.

What will we cover?

• Motivations for practice both classical and modern.
• Defining meditation – what it is and isn’t.
• Effective use of meditation postures – posture as both a meditation in its own right and as basis for other techniques.
• Obstacles to learning and to practice.
• Specific meditation techniques, including breathing meditation, mindfulness practices, mantra use, and compassion-based practices.
• Supporting techniques such as body-scans and mindful movement.
• Effective use of visualisation and the ‘inner landscape’ of the meditation body.
• The historical background to meditation in selected various traditions (including in yoga and in Buddhism) and their expression in modern mindfulness & embodiment modalities.
• Different styles of meditation: concentration, awareness, and compassion practices
• Breathing techniques in relation to settling into meditation – yoga kriya & pranayama
• Effectively structuring a meditation session
• Incorporating meditation in other body/mind disciplines
• The effective & safe use of language in teaching meditation: inclusivity, metaphor, imagery, silence
• Effective use of voice: tone, modulation, pitch and support
• Contraindications and trauma sensitivity in teaching meditation
• Professional skills and ethics.

What will I achieve?
By the end of this course you should be able to...

• Improve and evolve your own personal meditation practices and integrate meditation & mindfulness into your daily life.
• Develop meditation classes and courses in various settings for various situations and thus structure and teach guided meditation in a number of different styles.
• Describe the historical context of meditation practice within a number of different traditions and choose effective and appropriate language for different audience/student types.
• Assess the benefits (and risks) of different meditation techniques.
• Understand and articulate the effects of meditation for stress/on health and wellbeing.

What level is the course and do I need any particular skills?

This is Ascentis accredited L3 course. You will need to:
• be able and willing to commit for the duration of the course.
• be competent with written and online learning and study.
• manage deadlines and communicate well.
• be willing to participate in discussions and peer feedback.
• have a regular personal meditation practice.
• have experience in a relevant field - e.g.as an embodiment teacher, yoga instructor (or similar), a counsellor, or a healthcare professional.
• be expected to maintain your own personal meditation practice throughout the course.

How will I be taught, and will there be any work outside the class?

This course is a combination of in-person, onsite classroom learning days and online classes (via Zoom). The course will be on 13 Saturdays (some in-person and some online) and 7 Sundays (all in person). See the list of dates below.

Sessions will include:
• Group discussions and peer & tutor feedback
• Lectures & small group work
• Teacher led discussions
• Practical teaching exercises
Outside of class you will be expected to home practice and keep up with reading & with written work and keep a meditation journal

Course Dates. Please note that these may be subject to change.
Sat 15th Jan (in-person)
Sun 16th Jan (in-person)
Sat 29th Jan (in-person)
Sun 30th Jan (in-person)
Sat 5th Feb (online)
Sat 19th Feb (in-person)
Sun 20th Feb (in-person)
Sat 12th March (in-person)
Sun 13th March (in-person)
Sat 19th March (online)
Sat 2nd April (in-person)
Sun 3rd April (in-person)
Sat 9th April (online)
Sat 14th May (in-person)
Sun 15th May (in-person)
Sat 21st May (in person)
Sat 28th May (online)
Sat 11th June (in-person)
Sun 12th June (in-person)
Sat 25th June (in-person).

Are there any other costs? Is there anything I need to bring?

Please bring a paper, pens. A phone or recording device is recommended.
You’ll need internet access and space to work for the online days (4 in total)

The following payment plan is available:
Upfront on enrolment £599
2nd instalment - £250 - 1 Feb 2022
3nd instalment - £250 - 1 March 2022
4th instalment - £250 - 1 April 2022
5th instalment - £250 - 1 May 2022.

When I've finished, what course can I do next?

Other professional skills courses at the City Lit and elsewhere.

Bram Williams Tutor Website

Bram Williams has been a yoga teacher at the City Lit for 10+ years. He holds a British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma. His own daily yoga practice has evolved over the years into a subtle, meditative approach to asana (yoga posture) with a large emphasis on pranayama (breath control) as a lead into seated meditation. Studying in mindfulness, and both Shamatha and Vipassana meditation in Northern India means he is very fortunate to have contact with his teacher there, as well as studying with teachers from the Himalayan Institute in America. Having trained in many styles and forms of yoga over more than 18 years, Bram’s teaching approach is flexible and adaptable to the needs of a particular group (or individual). he emphasis of his teaching vocabulary stresses breath release, so awareness is directed to the 'sensation' of the posture, rather than on a body aesthetic or idealised end result. A Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals, a Yoga Elder with the Independent Yoga Network as well as Diploma Course Tutor with the British Wheel of Yoga, Bram is also a qualified Lip Reading Tutor.

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