Lipreading and managing hearing loss

Lipreading and managing hearing loss

A unique programme specially designed for armed Services and ex-Services personnel - in partnership with The Royal British Legion starting September 2016

Lipreading and managing hearing loss in partnership with the Royal British Legion


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City Lit’s connection with the armed forces goes back almost a century. Lipreading has been at the core of City Lit since 1919, when we set up lipreading classes for veterans who had been deafened in the First World War.

Since then, our ‘Lipreading and managing hearing loss’ courses have helped thousands of people cope with their deafness and City Lit is nationally renowned and is recognised as a centre of excellence in this field.

This exciting new programme starting in September 2016 has been developed specifically for people who are serving or have served in the armed Services to help manage many of the daily challenges of hearing loss. 

"I lost my hearing in my right ear overnight. As a result I became very withdrawn. I would avoid going to social events.  Then I attended a ‘Lipreading and managing hearing loss’ course at City Lit. I can’t begin to tell you what a positive effect lipreading has had on my life."

Cathy Roach, London

Learn in the centre of London

This unique course will be held here at City Lit - in London's Covent Garden in September 2016. Our acquired deafness department has a national reputation for lipreading and managing hearing loss provision.  

Your tutor

The lead tutor has an acquired hearing loss and personal experience of living with the challenges this brings. 

What is the course about?

Living with hearing loss can have an impact on every aspect of your life. If your hearing loss has been caused by exposure to loud noise, you are probably missing some of the sounds which are needed to understand speech. But some of the sounds you struggle to hear are visible on the lips - so developing lipreading skills can really improve communication.

You will learn practical skills in a relaxed atmosphere with our specialist tutors. You will also explore other skills and tactics to support lipreading and communication. 

All of this helps to build confidence in coping with hearing loss.

What will I learn?

  • Lipreading skills - developing observation; recognising lipshapes; using rhythm of speech and knowledge of language to predict less visible words 
  • Communication tactics - practising skills that support face to face communication and maximise your lipreading ability; using fingerspelling 
  • Coping strategies - adapting to different situations where hearing can be challenging; managing the environment to maximise your listening and lipreading
  • Assertiveness related to hearing loss - building confidence in explaining your hearing loss to others; putting across your communication needs and managing difficult situations  
  • Tinnitus management - underlying causes; techniques and equipment 
  • Technology - assistive equipment for phone, TV, meetings
  • Organisations and services - signposting to other useful sources; information on any relevant current development

Who is eligible for a place on the course?

This course is free for anyone with a hearing loss who has served, or is serving, in the armed Services. We will need to verify this when you apply.

Frequently asked questions

We've put together answers to some frequently asked questions to help you:

How do I apply?

20 sessions - day or evening options:

Mondays  11.00 – 13.00   26 Sept  2016 – 20 March 2017  


Tuesdays   18.00 – 20.00   27 Sept  2016 – 21 March 2017 

If you are offered a place, as part of the course, we ask you to attend three brief, informal, one to one sessions here at City Lit - at the start, during and at the end of the course. The first will be to find out more about how your hearing loss affects you and to answer any further questions about the course. The second and third will be reviews to see how you feel the course is making a difference to you.

This is because we have received funding from The Royal British Legion and we need to evaluate how effective you think the course is.

To apply and for further details:


Tel: 020 7492 2725

Apply using the application form below. 

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