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Lisa, City Lit lipreading student

City Lit student LisaCity Lit student Lisa

How have lipreading classes changed your life?

When I started to lose my hearing I lost a lot of confidence and self esteem, people used to laugh if I go things wrong, which made me self conscious and I began to withdraw from certain situations. After attending lipreading classes for just a few weeks the lipreading theory started to put things into place so I could see where I was going wrong. The tutor also taught me strategies to help when I was in social situations therefore my confidence began to increase quite a lot.  

Why is it important to train more people how to lipread and more people to become lipreading tutors? 

For those with acquired hearing loss, lipreading is an essential skill and access to classes should be available as soon after diagnosis as possible. Many people lose confidence and often work and personal life become stressful. Many people are unaware that there are strategies you can use along with the lipreading theory, and assistive equipment available to help at work and at home. Also being with others who are going through the same thing is very important.

More lipreading tutors should be trained as they not only provide the lipreading theory they inform students of useful strategies and where they can look for assistive equipment. The classes also give students the support which cannot be found elsewhere.

When you started talking about hearing loss to professionals did you receive any information or recommendations about lipreading?

When I was first diagnosed with hearing loss, the first recommendation was an operation, then the consultant changed his mind and I was issued a hearing aid and a battery book. I wasn't given any other support and I wasn't told about lipreading classes.