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Multiply: Maths Skills for Life

Gain confidence in using maths in your work and everyday life

Can you see the maths all around you? At the supermarket? On the football pitch? In your kitchen? On your spreadsheet? On your payslip? On the news? In the music you play? In the trees?

Maths is everywhere but we often need maths eyes to see it.

Come to City Lit, discover a new way of seeing and relating to the world, and gain the skills you need for an increasingly mathematical society.

What is Multiply?

Multiply is a new government-funded programme offering FREE maths and number skills courses to anyone over 19 without maths Functional Skills Level 2 or grade C/4 maths GCSE. It has been developed because in today’s society being numerate/good with numbers is as important as being literate/good with words and language.   

Beskpoke courses for employers and community partners

We not only offer both daytime and evening courses at City Lit in Covent Garden. We also offer bespoke courses for employers and community partners at a venue of choice .

What will you gain from our Multiply courses?

You will overcome your anxieties and worries about maths whatever your level, giving you confidence to work with numbers. We will help you see the point of developing maths skills, so your everyday and/or working life become easier to manage. You will develop your skills in problem-solving, analysing and decision-making.

We can help you prepare for exams or you can join courses without qualifications.


  • Free - Multiply is fully funded by the government.

Available to:

  • Londoners who do not already have a Grade 4/C maths GCSE or Maths Level 2 Functional Skills

Age restriction:

  • 19 and over

Course type:

  • Classroom-based
  • Online


  • City Lit, London
  • Local venues for employer and community partners
  • Online

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How can you use maths for work and in your everyday life?

Managing your money

The cost of living crisis has made money skills essential. Our courses will develop your skills so you can work out your income, plan your spending, and feel more confident in managing your money, budgeting and making financial decisions..

You'll  develop the maths skills needed to think ahead whether about paying your bills, calculating energy costs or securing your longer-term financial well-being.

Unlocking job opportunities

Many jobs at all levels require maths skills from basic mental maths to analysing and solving more complex problems.

Our courses will help you learn the skills you need for work whether in retail, administration, or analysing data. Improve your work skills and ensure more job and career opportunities are available to you.

Preparing you for further study

Our Multiply courses provide an excellent foundation for any further study, whether in maths or another subject.

Many further study courses require you to have a Level 2 maths qualification. Our maths courses are designed to develop your confidence so that you can take the next step in your education and gain further qualifications.

Helping children with homework

If you're a parent and carer, it can be very frustrating when we want to help our children but don't have good skills and confidence in maths.

Our courses will give you the tools you need to help children with their homework. You will learn the modern methods taught in schools, helping to develop the maths skills of the next generation.

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