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The goals of the City Lit Drama School laid out...


The Drama, Dance & Speech department is a vibrant, vigorous and creative learning environment that reaches out to all adults whatever their background, age and aspirations. 


Our Mission:

  • Classes will have a professional emphasis but are open to students with different ambitions, backgrounds, hopes and abilities. All are to be encouraged, challenged and valued. 
  • Programmes and courses offered include a substantial eclectic mix of activities such as acting, dance, movement, voice, mime, circus, stage-fighting, magic, comedy, pronunciation, which develop vocational, social and/or personal skills which are explicitly or implicitly transformative. 
  • To also deliver a comprehensive programme of media training that provides opportunities for acquiring both operational and performance skills. 
  • The breadth and width of programme will cater for a wide, diverse range of students, the curriculum meeting employment skills and personal and social needs of learners particularly well thus contributing significantly to student’s careers and social cohesion.


Learners working with us can expect:

  • Excellent progression from beginner to professional level within the programme.
  • A culture of high expectation which motivates and inspires learners and staff.
  • Excellent preparation for the industry, with many learners progressing into their desired roles. In some cases learners have secured prominent roles.
  • An intrinsic sensitivity for inclusivity, a celebration of difference and a proactive advocacy promotes the principles of equality and diversity to learners and staff, particularly well.