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Patrick Gilmore: I’ve learned to manage my stutter thanks to City Lit

City Lit student Patrick GilmoreCity Lit student Patrick Gilmore

Find out how City Lit speech therapy courses were able to help Patrick overcome his stammer/stutter, and his impression of City Lit having studied here both to gain assistance and for his own enjoyment. He has taken courses in both cartooning and speech therapy, helping him on a day to day basis as well as in his job.

‘I’ve always had a bit of a stutter, especially when I was a teenager. It got to a point where it interfered with my daily life, so I did a course. It was called Mindfulness Meditation for people with interiorised stammers or stutters.’

‘The course helped me to decrease my stress and to have coping mechanisms. It was quite difficult to approach but it definitely helped me dealing with my stutter.’

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