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Previous projects

 Dads in the picture

Dads in the picture provided a fun and informative programme of activities, for children and dads, including outings to parks, museums and events. Dads shared ideas and experiences with other dads and learnt about fun things to do with their children. 


Jewellery settings project

The Jewellery Settings project was an exciting way for adult learners from the local community to help fill the jewellery industry’s skills shortage, while exploring a creative career opportunity. 

With sessions taking place in hostels, day centres and community facilities in Camden and the City Fringe area, City Lit’s jewellery tutors provided basic training in: 

• cutting 

• soldering 

• shaping 

• filing 

• polishing. 

There were specialist sessions, such as diamond grading taught by the Gemmological Institute of America, and coloured gem stones taught by Holts Academy. Learning was also taken out of the classroom with visits to the Jewellery Sector in Birmingham and The Vaults at the Natural History Museum. 

All participants also benefit from a session with a career and education adviser, to help them make the most from this initial training.

Student Case Study

Calise Cleghorn was unemployed when she decided to join a jewellery taster course at City Lit. For many years she had been employed as a Mental Health worker. 

“Before signing up for Jewellery Settings, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I have been given the opportunity to change my career path and excel at something completely new.” 

After completing the Jewellery Settings course Calise was awarded a bursary for further training. 

“I have just started laser welding and I’ve got a part-time job with the Laser Surgery for Jewellery in Hatton Gardens.” 


Parenting classes

Part of the national CanParent programme City Lit ran a project in Camden to provide local parents with children under 6 with support and advice during the early stages of their child's development.


Inside Knowledge/ MOVE


The Inside Knowledge and MOVE projects, in partnership with a range of homelessness organisations, helped adults move from offending and homelessness into employment. Students undertook a level 2 qualification and a work placement and many progressed to employment at the end of the programme. 



City Lit community outreach programmes have won many awards over the years.


Past project successes

Former student Andrew Campbell won the Individual Outstanding Adult Award for the London Region at the Adult Learners' Awards (2006).