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Schemes of Work and Lesson Plans

Due to the variety of courses City Lit offers, most departments do not have a standard format for lesson plans and schemes of work.

Below you will find different formats and examples of each. Click on the links below to download a template that suits you or adapt it to your needs, checking with your manager that it is appropriate for your subject.

Some of these documents are currently on a Google Drive. You will need to download your own copy to your computer or your own Google Drive before you are able to edit the templates.

Schemes of Work

Examples of schemes of work

Example Scheme of Work 1 - Drawing - Concise 1
Example Scheme of Work 2 - Drama - Concise 2
Example Scheme of Work 3 - Yoga - Detailed
Example scheme of Work 4 - Drawing- Annotated
Example Scheme of Work 5 - Humanities - Concise 3

Schemes of work templates

Scheme of Work template 1 - Concise 1
Scheme of Work template 2 - Concise 2
Scheme of Work template 3 - Detailed

Lesson Plans

Examples of lesson plans

Example lesson plan 1 - Drawing - Concise
Example lesson plan 2 Yoga - Detailed

Lesson plan templates

Lesson Plan template 1 - Concise
Lesson Plan template 2 - Detailed
Lesson Plan template 3 - Detailed

Planning terminology

Lesson Planning Terms for Methods and Approaches