Student Governor Elections

Become the City Lit Student Governor 2018-2020

Governors help shape the purpose and strategic direction of the City Lit. 

There is one Student Governor elected by students every two years and we are now looking for a student to be the governor for 2018-2020.

The role of Student Governor is an interesting and valued one.  

What does being a Governor actually involve?

  • Attending Governing Body meetings: five times a year plus one strategic review afternoon session per year.
  • Attending committee meetings: Governors normally sit on one committee also.
  • Reading through the papers in preparation for each meeting - this should not take more than two hours.
  • Attendance at various events and shows.
  • The Student Governor receives a discount of 85% on course fees up to 70 hours per year.

More information about what the governing body are responsible for can be found in our 

Guide to being a Student Governor



Could you be the next Student Governor?

To be eligible to apply for the role of student governor you must:

  • be enrolled, and remain enrolled, on any course run at City Lit.
  • be aged 18+
  • intend to enrol on a course for the whole of the 2018/19 Academic Year in addition to being a currently enrolled student.
  • not have been adjudged bankrupt or have made a composition or arrangement with his or her creditors generally.
  • not be disqualified from acting as a Director under the Companies Act.
  • not have been convicted (within the last five years) in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man of any offence and has had passed on him or her a sentence of imprisonment (whether suspended or not) for a period of not less than three months without the option of a fine.
  • not be a designated person under particular anti-terrrorst legislation; or have unspent convictions for committing, attempting, aiding or abetting:
  • (i) particular terrorism related offences;
  • (ii) particular money laundering offences.
  • A person shall be disqualified from holding, or continuing to hold, office as a governor if they are subject to notification requirements under sexual offences legislations, commonly referred to as being on the sex offenders register. 

If a governor elected by, and from, the students ceases to be an enrolled student, his/her term of office will cease.

Applicants must be nominated and seconded by enrolled students -

Microsoft Office document icon download the nomination form

For further information email the Clerk to the Governors: katrina.o'


We must receive all nomination forms by noon on Monday 19th November 2018.