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Daz: Rewrite your future

Daz: Rewrite your futureDaz: Rewrite your future

After years of homelessness and addiction, Daz transformed his life by successfully completing Literature and Writing courses at City Lit. Followed by the Access to Higher Education Diploma course that helped him fulfil his ambitions of getting into university. 

'Before I came to City Lit I hadn't been at school for 25 years, which is quite a long time. My biggest worry is I'd be surrounded by very young people rushing about, and partying. So City Lit was suggested to me because it's an adult college and it's got a very different feel to it.' 

'Being at City Lit has an amazing impact on my mental wellbeing, having been outside of society for a long time, to be able to sit in a classroom full of people that treated you like anybody else was different, and in my personal experience this was the first place I've ever been sober as an adult where everybody just treated me like a member of the class.' 


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