Student stories - Matthew Brotherton

I can go to Italy and communicate with the locals

Matthew Brotherton has friends in Italy and, after enjoying trying to speak a bit of Italian while in the country, he decided to join an evening class at City Lit. 

“I wanted to be closer to Italian culture and feel at home in Italy a bit more. I decided that going for a GCSE would represent a challenge. I have always enjoyed learning, and try to spend time away from my quite demanding job in the law.” Matthew was able to fit an evening course into his weekly schedule, and was amazed to hear that at the end of the year his GCSE results were in the top ten in the country! 

“[The results] reflect brilliantly on the teaching we had, and on City Lit generally. I am now studying art through Italian and plan to visit Italy, especially Rome and Bari, more often.”
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