Student stories - Rosalind Waterman

I discovered a love of creative writing

Rosalind Waterman was unsure about trying her hand at creative writing, but a friend could see she had natural flair and encouraged her to give it a go. That was six years ago, and writing is now her passion. 

“I have become more ambitious because of writing. It has dared me to think that I have something to say. I can stretch my emotions wider than most people get the chance to do, and feel safe doing it. City Lit is the most comforting place in the world to be. I’m always energised by the idea of being amongst some wonderful people.”

When asked what her course meant to her, Rosalind said, “To get things wrong and to experience getting it right; to find a character, to play with them and write and rewrite; to know that when it’s wrong it is not a bad thing; to know that when you get it right the feeling of utter elation.”

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