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Brendan: City Lit allows me to be adventurous

Brendan Walsh is something of a polymath at City Lit, studying on a variety of courses including our Art workshop for students with learning disabilities, T'ai Chi, Digital animation, Photoshop, Early Medieval England, and Photoshop amongst many, many other courses.

Brendan Walsh City Lit studentBrendan Walsh City Lit student

Brendan Walsh

"I was going to another college and I was getting a bit bored of the courses I was doing there, so I decided with my parents and other people I knew that I should go to City Lit. I came here and never looked back. It keeps me active, there are always new courses, it helps me to communicate and it improves my skills. I can go to history class and learn about the Greeks and the Egyptians, I can do a course on flash animation and it reminds me that anything is possible if you learn how to do it. Sometimes I have to be adventurous and try new things out of my comfort zone. 

"Art Workshop helps me to express my artistic side and identify my style of painting. Also, before I didn’t really know what I wanted to paint and I never really used paint before. So I learned about colour, paintbrushes, how to use an easel. With the history classes I like to go back to the past, it opens your eyes, almost as if you were there. 

"City Lit has helped me to try new things, I like being part of a group  and trying to help people myself like setting up the class. I want to focus on my painting and learn how to do digital art, effects and things like that. I want to keep painting and step up to the next level and take my time in my evolution."

Artwork by Brendan Walsh

Untitled by Brendan WalshUntitled by Brendan Walsh