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Jeff: I was taught to not to let my stammer hold me back

Jeff was made redundant when the investment company he was working for got hit by the credit crunch.  This is his story.

"After I was made reduntant, I knew I would have to start going to interviews, but having a stammer, I found this prospect very stressful.

I decided to take a Speech Therapy course at City Lit.  I was very nervous - I had never had group therapy before.  The tutor told me to be open about my speech difficulties - a challenge for someone who had been (unsuccessfully) trying to conceal their stammer for so long!

Once I got the hang of not trying to hide it, the less I focussed on it, the less I stammered. Following the course I got an interview at a large investment bank. I found myself announcing to the interviewer that I had a stammer, and I even requested extra time to answer questions. The response was very positive, and being upfront about my stammer created talking points. I was subsequently offered a job.

City Lit student, Jeff HammilCity Lit student, Jeff Hammil
City Lit student, Jeff Hammil