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Peter Ebsworth: Create and curate

Peter Ebsworth: Create and curatePeter Ebsworth: Create and curate

Peter found that City Lit was the perfect place to help him make the career change from teacher to a poet and founding editor of his own urban poetry magazine.

‘I first heard about City Lit when I decided to take a year off unpaid from teaching to try and do some writing.’

‘Within a couple of years I’d moved to getting poetry published regularly in magazines and journals like The Spectator and John Stammers, who's absolutely brilliant on the advanced course, he suggested that I set up a magazine which is South Bank Poetry Magazine. I'm founding editor, published the first issue in 2008 and we’ve had 25 issues now.’

'I love the study centre actually because I don’t use a computer at home, I’m dyspraxic and I use it really as my office; I've run a poetry magazine basically from City Lit.'

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