Supporting better patient care


Counselling skills for health professionals 

2 days

On a day-to-day basis, healthcare professionals encounter situations where the use of counselling skills can be helpful.   The emotional distress that may accompany physical Illness can impact on both the patient and their relatives.   Counselling skills can facilitate person-centred care as well as help develop compassionate and caring relationships.  If patients’ emotional needs are met, other interventions are likely to be more effective.  This course will introduce participants to a range of practical counselling skills and giving them the opportunity to practise them in a safe environment

The course will cover:

• What do we mean by counselling skills?

• Person-centred approach to counselling

• Active listening

• Empathy

• Compassion

• Being with difficult emotions

• Boundaries

• Working with blocks to communication



Mental Health Awareness  - non accredited

1 day

Useful for any patient-facing member of staff.  non-accredited theme-based workshops on aspects such as: Mental health issues, Approaches to care and management in mental health, Change and support in relation to mental health, Aspects of supporting an adult to manage their mental health problems.


Mental Health Awareness - accredited

12 days

Useful for any member of staff required to interact with patients and other stakeholders who may have mental health issues, this qualification will increase your understanding of various mental health conditions and train you to respond appropriately. 

Background topics include: the distinction between mental health and mental ill-health; the social context for mental health including positive and negative social attitudes; the legal context and main pieces of current legislation that relate to mental health.

The classroom sessions are tutor led and combine group work, discussion, case studies, self-directed study, presentations, role-play, quizzes, DVD resources and research activities. You will be required to work on assignments in your own time.

Upon completion of your evidence portfolio, you will gain the nationally accredited NCFE L2 certificate in mental health. 



Dementia awareness 

1 day

What is the course about? 

Increasing your understanding of dementia and applying good practice to the work place.

Being able to offer good advice to carers who will be looking after people with dementia at home 

2. What topics will we cover?

 Increase your awareness of the different types of dementia and associated symptoms and behaviours.

 Focussing on good practice and innovative ways to engage with people with dementia.

 Exploring current medical research and how this might benefit people with dementia in the future.



Healthcare assistant training - L3 (NVQ) Diploma in health and social care

16 days

This Level 3 qualification is the industry standard qualification for healthcare assistants. It confirms competence for health and social care workers carrying a variety of roles such as care assistants, support workers, healthcare assistants and personal assistants across a variety of specialisms. 

The course will cover:

promoting communication and confidentiality, 

personal development, 

equality and inclusion, 

duty of care, 


the role of the health and social care worker, 

person centred approaches, 

health and safety and handling information. 

Some units are mandatory, but others are optional, so the course can be designed around the needs of the particular employer/trust and those of the group. You will gain your qualification through a combination of classroom learning, portfolio building and workplace assessment. Each participant is allocated an assessor, who will conduct a number of workplace observations to ensure vocational competence. 


Please note: if you are looking for an organisation to help you deliver the more basic Skills for Care-endorsed Care Certificate, please call to discuss.  



Customer Care - non accredited

1 day

A practical workshop exploring how to provide good customer service in line with organisational procedures, and how to deal effectively with queries and complaints.


Customer Care - accredited

5 days

Accredited through national awarding body SkillsFirst at level 1, this course is a solid, transferable initial training, especially suitable for those in support roles. Topics include:

Using appropriate communication methods;

Providing good customer service in line with organisational procedures;

Dealing effectively with queries, problems and complaints

If appropriate, an additional unit on behaviours and attitudes required for employment will be included. 

Learners will pass the course by successfully undertaking a variety of exercises and role-plays, and completing a portfolio of evidence. There is no exam.