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Thinking of leaving a lasting legacy?

Thank you for considering leaving a lasting legacy to City Lit.  

Deciding to leave a personal legacy to a cause or organisation you care passionately about is a very important decision. A will is the legal instrument through which people detail their wishes, including leaving any legacies. Leaving a will means you are able to look after the people you care about.  

For many of our students, City Lit has been instrumental in their quest for lifelong learning and has provided an inspiring, safe, environment which has transformed and changed the direction of their lives. 

Personal, confidential advice

We provide all customers considering leaving a legacy with personal, confidential and no-obligation advice, and this includes talking you through the process. Contact us at legacy@citylit.ac.uk.

Things to consider before leaving a legacy

Before leaving a legacy, you should:

  • Talk to the people you care about - your family, your friends, people you trust to tell them about your wishes.
  • Seek independent, legal advice - you wll need to do this in order to make your will. We will talk to you in confidence about your wishes, but your legal advice must be independent of us.

Informing us of your decision…

Informing us of your decision will allow us to help as much as possible with the process of leaving a legacy gift to City Lit.  It can be particularly helpful to tell us of your intentions if you are planning to make a gift for a specific purpose so that we can ensure your wishes are feasible.  Any information you share with us is in no way binding and is treated in the strictest confidence - you can email us at legacy@citylit.ac.uk.