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Tips for people who stammer

1. Just because you stammer does not mean you are inferior

2. There are ways of managing stammering – seek out speech therapy and/or some support

3. Your stammer does not have to hold you back, try and do the things that are important to you

4. Remember no one is perfect – try not to be too hard on yourself

5. Being more open about the stammering can be helpful, try mentioning the stammer to people such as friends, family or strangers and see how they respond

6. See if you can be more accepting of the stammering – this can help you to stammer more easily and fluently

7. Keep eye contact with your listeners

8. Get to know your stammer

9. Try doing some of the things you might have avoided because of stammering – it can help

10. We have found that people are more accepting of stammering than you may think.