Training for speech and language therapists

We offer a range of professional training courses for qualified speech and language therapists.


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Working with adults who stammer

This five-day interactive workshop, plus one-day follow-up,  covers assessment and selection, different stages of stammering management, interiorised stammering, art therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy. Opportunity to practise teaching techniques to clients included.


Advanced working with adults who stammer

This 2-day interactive  course is for speech and language therapists who wish to advance their stammering therapy skills with adults who stammer, and will cover topics such as stammering modification work, cluttering, acquired stammering as well as case discussion.


Effective counselling skills for speech and language therapists 

Designed for SLTs working with any client group, this interactive workshop will help you develop practical counselling skills. Topics include developing the therapeutic relationship, boundaries, ways of responding, paraphrasing, reflecting, questioning, immediacy, self disclosure and loss.


Introduction to mindfulness for speech and language therapists

Learn the elements of mindfulness-based stress management and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. Experience a range of mindfulness practices. Background theory is included and relevance for clients and therapist well-being benefits will be explored.


Stammering pride and prejudice: one-day workshop for SLTs  NEW!

To what extent does SLT unwittingly perpetuate public- and self-stigma for people who stammer?  This thought-provoking workshop will explore this question drawing on disability theory, stammering activism and the experiences of people currently developing novel ways of taking pride in and celebrating the uniqueness of the stammered voice.  You’ll come away with ideas on how you can adapt your own practice in light of this radical way of viewing stammering and stammering therapy.


SLT-facilitated aphasia groups

This interactive and experiential workshop will explore creative and effective ways to run conversation groups with people with aphasia. There will be contributions from service users and a chance to observe examples of activities and resources used at City Lit.


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for speech and language therapists

The two major goals of ACT are acceptance of experience that is out of personal control and taking committed action towards living a valued life. On this workshop you'll learn how this is achieved and ACT's relevance to speech and language therapy.


Courses for newly qualified speech and language therapists


Counselling skills for recently-qualified speech and language therapists

Develop and practise a range of essential core counselling skills to help you work with emotional issues you will encounter as an SLT. You will receive feedback and learn through experience and reflective practice.


Prioritisation and assertiveness  for recently-qualified speech and language therapists

Develop your personal and professional effectiveness by learning and practising key prioritisation and assertiveness skills. This course will help you to improve your time management and to communicate more confidently in a variety of workplace situations.


Tailor-made courses
We can deliver tailor-made courses in your area on a variety of topics including adult stammering therapy, counselling skills, mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy, group work, prioritisation and assertiveness, process of change and setting up supervision networks.  In relation to personal well being and development we can also offer short training sessions on mindfulness-based stress management.

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We offer individual or group supervision for therapists working with people who stammer as well as those who work with other client groups. To find out more, please contact Carolyn Cheasman on 020 7492 2578 or at


Speech and language therapy as a career

In addition we offer a highly popular course 'Speech and language therapy as a career'. The course lasts two days and takes place four times during the year. It includes topics such as:

• Training entry requirements  
• Where and how to apply  
• Course content  
• The role of the speech and language therapists  
• Career structure  
• Meeting people with communication difficulties  
• Practising interview skills 

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