What's on

  • 100 minutes of film & animation, Until 31 January 2020

    100 minutes of film and animation created by City Lit students past and present, crossing disciplines, the exhibition will include narrative and experimental film alongside playful animated shorts and stop-motion.


  • Concerts and recitals

    Enjoy a lunchtime or evening performance; clarinet, piano, singing, flute, opera or violin. All concerts are open to the public, and free unless otherwise indicated.

  • Science guest lecture: Max Kerr Winter, 30 January 2020

    Where physics meets biology: an introduction to current research on the application of biophysics to embryology. How can the application of physics to biology help us to understand human development? 

  • Counselling Open Days, 11 & 14 February 2020

    We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting two open events to provide information and assistance to those who are interested in our counselling courses starting in September 2020.

  • Psyched! The origin of lust, 13 February 2020

    Listen to our panel of science experts to learn about how lust causes physiological and cognitive changes in people. Join in the discussion and participate in fun activities that demonstrate the differences between lust and love.

  • Science guest lecture: Professor Ian Crawford, 21 Feb 2020

    Astrobiology - the search for life in the universe. Professor Crawford addresses one of the biggest questions in planetary science: is there other life elsewhere? How unique is our planet and how likely is complex life to exist elsewhere?

  • Classics Day, 29 February 2020

    City Lit, the British Museum and UCL present Classics Day exploring the interpretations and reinterpretations of Troy, through archaeology, literature and art. Why and how has Troy, legends, heroes and myths, been of such enduring resonance through the ages? 

  • Late Lines, 25 March 2020

    Join us for Late Lines, our regular night of spoken word featuring City Lit writers and special guests performing a mix of poetry and prose. The event in March will be held in the John Lyon's Theatre at City Lit.

  • Psyched! Sex differences, 26 March 2020

    Listen to our panel of science experts to learn about sex differences in brains and behaviours of children and adults. Get knowledge and strategies for managing your own and others’ perspectives on the behaviours of males and females in modern society.

  • Deaf Day, Saturday 18 April 2020

    Deaf Day is a celebration of Deaf culture and an opportunity to see old friends and make new friends. 2020 will be the 24th City Lit Deaf Day. Admission is free – all welcome!