Quiz: How many of these languages do you know?

Published: 22 September 2023
Quiz: How many of these languages do you know?

We are proud to be based in the UK’s capital, a richly diverse and multicultural city.

In London, an incredible 311,210 residents favour a foreign language at home, yet only one in ten Brits can speak a second language.

We recently conducted research into the most common foreign tongue here in London, to help showcase the incredible cultural diversity boasted by the city, and to inspire more people to learn a second language.

Our research shows that Bengali is the second most common language spoken in London behind English, closely followed by Polish and Turkish.

In London, 71, 609 London residents speak Bengali and this language is most commonly spoken across three different boroughs - Camden, Newham and Tower Hamlets - three huge boroughs in the city.

By learning this commonly spoken language, non-foreign speakers would be able to connect more with their neighbours and learn about a new culture.

Our language courses are hugely popular with City Lit students and equip attendees with vital knowledge, experience and confidence to communicate in a language that is different to their mother tongue.

London is such a diverse city, why not get involved more?

You can read all about our language courses on our dedicated language course page, but why not test your language skills by taking our dedicated quiz? How many foreign languages do you understand ‘hello’ in?

Quiz: How many of these languages do you know?