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Angela TullochAngela Tulloch

Student Bursaries - giving everyone the chance to learn

“This opportunity has allowed my soul to sing because I am actually doing what makes me feel free and happy.” Angela Tulloch, Fine Artist and City Lit student bursary recipient. 

Each year, over 1000 students apply for help with course fees, materials, and assistance with travel and family care. Your gift makes sure that financial need isn’t a barrier to education.

Bursary infographicBursary infographic

How your gift helps us

Emily BedfordEmily Bedford

Emily Bedford

"The best thing about City Lit is the ethos of total inclusivity with an infectious passion for learning, combined with an extremely high standard of teaching, in particularly for jewellery." 

Angela TullochAngela Tulloch

Angela Tulloch

A City Lit bursary made it possible for Angela Tulloch to pursue her passion in art. She says 'City Lit has been a a life saver, it is a powerful positive transformation place for me. This opportunity has allowed my soul to sing because I am actually doing what makes me free and happy'.

3 students with laptops3 students with laptops

Our promise to you

We understand your gift means you trust us to spend your money wisely and we are committed to ensuring that our fundraising is open, honest and respectful. Read our promise to supporters.

Malorie BlackmanMalorie Blackman

Malorie Blackman Scholarships

City Lit’s Malorie Blackman Scholarships for Unheard Voices provide three annual awards worth up to £1000 each, to fund one year’s study within the Creative Writing department at City Lit. The three scholarships for 2020 are announced in April 2020!

We are a charity, you can make a difference

Your gift can allow a single parent to discover a new skill, which will transform their lives. It can support our work with the deaf community, ensuring people across the UK can acquire sign language and lip reading provision. It can help us to further develop the UK’s only orchestra led by people with learning disabilities. In short, it will mean that City Lit is there for all Londoners for years to come. 

City Lit Percussion orchestra City Lit Percussion orchestra

Legacies – donations that make a difference

"City Lit brought the best out of her and she was proud of her acheivements." Mary Hurworth's family.

Mary Hurworth
, a regular art student for over 25 years, had a joie de vivre that shone through in her art and in her love for City Lit. Through a gift in her will, Mary made sure that others would have the same opportunity to follow new pathways in art. Now, every student who uses the Digital and Design Lab, renovated with the help of Mary’s gift, will be able to share in her passion for art.

Leave us a gift in your will?
Making a will is one way of looking after the people we care about. It is also a way of helping those organisations that we have been passionate about in our lifetime. Gifts from City Lit students and their families make it possible for others to develop new skills and transform lives. A legacy which will make a real difference. Further info and Legacy FAQ >

Have a chat with us?
If you’re considering leaving us a gift, we would be delighted to speak with you in confidence to ensure that we can carry out your wishes. Please contact us by email: 

3 students working in a classroom3 students working in a classroom